March 8, 2007

Toe-Touch Crunch

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Work your abs, and tighten your thighs with this exercise.

step 1

1) Lie on your back, with arms extended behind head, knees bent with toes touching the floor

2) Keeping your right knee bent, lift it while bringing your left arm up and out to touch the right toe.

3) Alternate, bringing right arm up to touch left toe.

4) Keep the non-moving leg firmly on the floor.

5) Repeat for 10 reps; build to 25 reps

step 2step 3


March 6, 2007

Get Fit by Jumping Rope

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jumping ropeJumping rope is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. It burns a lot of calories, is easy and fun, and can be done at home without expensive equipment.

This exercise has low impact on knees and joints and helps to loosen up your shoulders to release stress. Jumping rope regularly will help you develop coordination and agility.  It targets your calves, thighs, and buttocks. Combine jumping rope with another cross-training program to achieve all-around fitness.

 To get started on this simple exercise, first be sure to buy the right rope! Most people buy a jump rope that is not the correct length for them, making it more difficult to get the most out of this exercise.  You should be able to stand on the middle of your rope, pull both ends up with both hands and they should reach your armpits.

 Now, begin jumping. Keep your shoulders loose, and your upper arms close to your body.  Use your wrists, not your arms to turn the rope. Keep your back straight and stomach pulled in.

 To begin a jumping rope regimen, start with jumping for 3 minutes once a week, then go up to a 4 minute session twice a week. Then keep progressing to a 5 minute session twice a week, finally building up to three 20 minute sessions each week.